No pictures today. I’m sitting in my office watching the snow continue to fall. It started Tuesday when I got to campus and I don’t think its really quit since. I grew up in the mountains so I’ve seen all the snow I want to see but I have to admit, looking out the window and watching the birds gather around the feeder like the office water cooler has been fun. Woodpeckers, cardinals, chicadees, robins, and the list continues.

Maybe at some point today I’ll get bundled up and take my daily walk-that I’ve not had since Tuesday and get some pictures to share. In case you are wondering, I’m in Charlotte, NC. Snow is a bit of a rarity in these parts and for that I’m glad.

Stay warm and safe!



One of the fun things about blogging is forcing yourself to actually do it….which I stink at.
I had something all lined up to post about recently and then my camera went kaput. Camera is up now,
but more exciting things to blog about.

As a parent few things make you happier than the happiness of your children. My oldest daughter is sporting
major smiles right now as she and her husband are expecting their first child. So of course, the big question is
pink or blue?

For me, yellow or green are the way to go. You can never go wrong with gender neutral colors either for babies
or yourself. For a number a years I’ve coveted the color of butter. Every time I see it, I want it whether it’s a bag,
a blouse, a dress or anything in between but I’ve found that mustard is actually the color that is more flattering
to me. Fortunately, I can’t go wrong with green. I’ve got enough green in my hazelish eyes that green is fabulous no
matter the shade (except maybe neon).

So, come late June or early July, I won’t necessarily be sporting pink or blue. You may see me in shades
of yellows or greens. Baby Brown can take center stage and this Gigi will be the accessory.

So much for regular posts…I keep meaning to post, get busy, and move on. My laptop has been MIA for a while now, but I think the hub has her up and running. With that said-there’s no excuse for not posting.


Prepare for a post….soon….

I’ve looked and looked but can’t find a picture that is quite what I want to post.  My hair has gotten quite long-at least, long for me.  It’s almost at the base of my neck.  It’s colored-of course-a pretty medium brunette with some gold highlights.  Now, I’ve worn short spiky-ish hair for a number of years and decided it was time for a change…again.  I’ve tried to let my hair grow a dozen times, get disgusted, get it cut and love the spiky do all over again.  But I’m afraid of clinging to it too long.  Now that I’ve switched it up a bit, the hub tells me he hates it.  He loves the short, sassy, reddish colored do that I’ve had since he met me.  What’s a girl to do?

I know a lot of women have their femininity tied up in their hair.  I know that some days a good hair day can brighten an otherwise crappy day-but here’s the thing-it’s just hair.  I say that as a woman who has never faced a serious illness that would cause me to lose my hair-but I have had some medical issues that caused me to shed quite a bit.

Don’t be scared to change it up.  If you are wearing the same hair that you had in high school…and you are over the age of 25-it might be time for a change.  Bangs, a ponytail, a new color-OR if you can-let that gray shine through.  If I knew that my hair was going to turn that absolutely gorgeous silver color if I stopped coloring, I’d do it tomorrow.  Unfortunately, my hair will go thru an extremely dirty, muddy look before it ever gets close to having enough gray.

My daughter recently cut her hair short-Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables short-and my husband loves it on her-so much so that he is encouraging me to go that short.  I’m not scared of short, but I think I’ll hang on to what I have just a little bit longer.


I’m a little embarrassed it has been so long since I’ve posted.  The husband tells me I’m depressed.  The daughter tells me I’m depressed.  I don’t think I’m depressed, but do you know?  I have been exceptionally busy with school and doing my thing.  Still having some effects of accident I was in almost 2 years ago-my how time passes-but hanging in there. 

So on to better things!  I found a Lafayette 148 dress today at Saks 5th Avenue Outlet.  It had been around $450.00.  I walked out with it for $45.00  Posting a link along with it so you can see if you are interested.  Hope everyone is fine and I will do better….starting tomorrow. 🙂

So, no pics this time around. I am SO excited that fall is coming up quick. I’ve found some great bargains lately.

Talbots is a little higher-end and shirts usually start around $80. Jackets start in the $150 range-typically. I’ve found some deals-couple of jackets in the $30 range and this is the perfect weather for them. Alterations shop here I come!

Pics to come soon.

For the first 17 years of my oldest daughter’s life (and the first 15 of the youngest daughter) I was a single parent. Many, many hours of planning, shopping,  adding, subtracting, and juggling went into keeping my girls clothed. I am a big proponent of reward programs, online coupons, buy one-get one free (as long as you need them), and shopping off season.  Both my children are grown now and although I am able to buy things for myself without as much sweat and planning-I still love the hunt. I love to try to outdo myself.  Two weeks ago coupon and reward check in hand I walked out of Lane Bryant with 5 new pairs of underwear for $.36 a pair and a $30 belt for $2.15. One of my prouder moments

Today I found a Wacoal bra on clearance sale at Nordstrom Rack. The original price was $62.00 and after the sale price and my reward check I walked out of the store with a gorgeous pumpkin orange bra for $12.14.  The receipt told me I saved $35.03 but the best part was the tagline underneath.           

                                                           “Congratulations! You saved more than you spent. You’re shopping genius.”

Tell me something  I don’t know.

Check into the rewards programs of your favorite haunts. Get on a first name basis with your favorite salesperson. Keep your eyes open-you never know where you will find your next favorite bargain. Don’t be afraid to check your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or thrift store. Lots of little gems are hidden away-waiting for you to bring new life into them.