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I love clothes. I love shoes. I love knowing that I can usually find an appropriate outfit for just about anything if I search my closet hard enough.

The problem I am referring to is over doing it. And boy, am I guilty of that. My home is spacious. My spouse and I share a master closet of which he has given up 2/3. I also have the majority of the coat closet, the office closet, and as you can see I’m making use of the door space on the office door for more shoes and a rolling closet I purchased at IKEA. My resident psychologist, aka the hub, reminds me that even though I was exceedingly poor as a child and made do with little, that isn’t the case now. He reminds me that stuff doesn’t equal love (unless it’s the pair of shorts I’ve worn so long that I have to use a safety pin to hold them up. I’ve even rescued them from the trash. Three times.) So…I’m in purge mode. Can’t wear? Gotta go. Don’t wear? Gotta go. Love it but it doesn’t fit? Take it to the tailor so it will fit. I’ve been busy recently cleaning out my collection. Some things I donate, but some I sell on eBay. I need to remember to shop my closet and keep track of outfits and put more together. I follow several other bloggers to get ideas and I’m impressed with the choices I could make-from my own closet.

Word to the wise-before you charge up those cards-take a second look at what you have on hand and repurpose and recycle. Take that maxi dress and make it a skirt. Turn that cardigan around with the buttons up the back. Cut the sleeves off the jacket you used to love and make it a vest. I’ve taken a too short dress and made it into a boho top that gets lots of compliments. Turn that old love into a new love!