juvedermSo apparently I started the below blog post a couple of months ago since I know for a fact I turned 47 last week! I think I was going for something along the lines of people on one side screaming “Age gracefully” and on the other side saying “Fight it every step of the way!” I’m in the middle-gracefully acknowledging, but gently pushing back! Let me say that I am thrilled to be 47 years old. I have earned every single year and I’m grateful for every day. Let me also say that I don’t want to look like I was beaten by those 47 years so I have indulged in a little something something. (The above photograph as both a before and after. The left side is before and the right side of the photograph is the after) See the below beginning post-

I will turn 47 in just over a month. I’m not sure what 47 is supposed to look like these days. I look at pictures of 47 years old from the 1960’s and what I find is matronly. I look at pictures of 47 year olds currently and I find a range of looks. Some matronly, some over the top sexy, and some a little somewhere in between.

For myself, over the last couple of years, I noticed some lines around my mouth. These are lines one would associate with someone who is a smoker-and I am not a smoker. I have regularly made visits to an aesthetician for chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and some laser resurfacing. I have dark blotches on my face from suntanning, using birth control, and hormonal changes that resulted from pregnancy. These blotches are called hyperpigmentation.

I have used a skin bleaching cream to help lighten these splotches that make it look like I’m constantly chugging hot chocolate. I give you these examples to say-don’t be afraid to keep yourself looking fabulous. I definitely don’t look 27 anymore-and thats ok-I don’t want to-but I do want to be the very best 47 I can be, so yes, I will be lining up for a the yearly Juvederm injection that makes me feel like a better me.

*The photograph above comes from the Juvederm website. I am not paid by Juvederm-this is my personal experience.