One of the fun things about blogging is forcing yourself to actually do it….which I stink at.
I had something all lined up to post about recently and then my camera went kaput. Camera is up now,
but more exciting things to blog about.

As a parent few things make you happier than the happiness of your children. My oldest daughter is sporting
major smiles right now as she and her husband are expecting their first child. So of course, the big question is
pink or blue?

For me, yellow or green are the way to go. You can never go wrong with gender neutral colors either for babies
or yourself. For a number a years I’ve coveted the color of butter. Every time I see it, I want it whether it’s a bag,
a blouse, a dress or anything in between but I’ve found that mustard is actually the color that is more flattering
to me. Fortunately, I can’t go wrong with green. I’ve got enough green in my hazelish eyes that green is fabulous no
matter the shade (except maybe neon).

So, come late June or early July, I won’t necessarily be sporting pink or blue. You may see me in shades
of yellows or greens. Baby Brown can take center stage and this Gigi will be the accessory.