For the first 17 years of my oldest daughter’s life (and the first 15 of the youngest daughter) I was a single parent. Many, many hours of planning, shopping,  adding, subtracting, and juggling went into keeping my girls clothed. I am a big proponent of reward programs, online coupons, buy one-get one free (as long as you need them), and shopping off season.  Both my children are grown now and although I am able to buy things for myself without as much sweat and planning-I still love the hunt. I love to try to outdo myself.  Two weeks ago coupon and reward check in hand I walked out of Lane Bryant with 5 new pairs of underwear for $.36 a pair and a $30 belt for $2.15. One of my prouder moments

Today I found a Wacoal bra on clearance sale at Nordstrom Rack. The original price was $62.00 and after the sale price and my reward check I walked out of the store with a gorgeous pumpkin orange bra for $12.14.  The receipt told me I saved $35.03 but the best part was the tagline underneath.           

                                                           “Congratulations! You saved more than you spent. You’re shopping genius.”

Tell me something  I don’t know.

Check into the rewards programs of your favorite haunts. Get on a first name basis with your favorite salesperson. Keep your eyes open-you never know where you will find your next favorite bargain. Don’t be afraid to check your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or thrift store. Lots of little gems are hidden away-waiting for you to bring new life into them.