So, I read a blog recently by my friend and fellow blogger, Sandy Bruney. BTW, Sandy has a book coming out this year! She’s a very talented writer. ( I LOVE her historical/romancey fiction.  Is that a word? Romancey?)

Anyway, to the point. Sandy said to be a successful blogger, one must blog. Regularly. I haven’t blogged since early March-meaning I have let over a month get by me without a peep.

All is well in Matthews. I’m finishing my first semester back at school since a nasty accident last summer. School is taking a lot of time and to be honest, it’s a bit harder. I’m having some issues with short term memory, word finding, and a bit of vertigo-but it is sooo much less than it was.  My grades have suffered. I’m a perfectionist-except for that C in Economics. I was thrilled with that. I like A’s.  A’s are my favorite and right now, I don’t have all A’s-so I’m struggling a bit with that. May be that B’s and C’s are my new reality and I will have to learn to like it…eventually.

On to other things. My day has been a mishmosh of words and phrases. This is my Monday-new closet. Tamale’s. Busy. Potato and leek gratin. Roasted turnips and parsnips. It’s only a flesh wound. Toothbrush. Bathroom floor (no, not punishing the hub). Tired. Ladder. Chocolate milk shake. Done.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!