I have to apologize-it’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve been running crazy.  Started back to school a couple of days a week.  Doesn’t sound like much.  Most people work, go to school, raise a family, keep house, and occasionally do a few other things.  I’ve found that time is very, very precious.

I’ve always been rather fond of the phrase “Are you mental?”.  It sounds so British and is so much nicer than “Are you crazy?”.  Fact of the matter is, from time to time I find myself a little mental.  Don’t we all?  This blog is not just about pretty clothes and taking vitamins.  Mental health is an extremely important part of taking care of oneself that unfortunately, is neglected far too often.

Environmental stressors are bad enough, but when your own body and brain don’t want to cooperate, it’s even worse.  The stigma of being “mentally ill” conjurs up images of screaming, wild-eyed, wild haired wraiths, ready to jump off the ledge or sobbing messes, hiding in rooms filled to the ceiling with cat litter and old newspapers.  People, its not always like that.

For over 15 years, I’ve been taking a mood enhancer.  A chance discussion with my Family Doctor one day led to a prescription for a medication usually prescribed for depression.  Mine was for PMS.  PMS bad enough that if you breathed too loudly near me several days out of the month, you were taking your life into your own hands.  Fact of the matter is-it worked.  Fast forward 15 years + and I asked my family doctor to up the dosage because after the accident I was in this summer, I actually was really depressed…AND angry.  I don’t mean mildly pissed, I mean punch you in the throat, rip off your head, and if I may be so graphic, shit down your neck pissed.  I was so afraid that I would never get my life back to some semblance of normal.  I couldn’t verbalize the way I wanted, I was trapped at home, I couldn’t remember anything, my head hurt all the time, I was dizzy all the time, my knees hurt all the time and I was just plain mad…and afraid.

Sometimes the pathways, nerves, neurons, and chemicals in our brains get out of whack.  There should be no shame in needing help to get them back on track.  Society is deathly scared to appear anything less than perfect.  Well, I have some sad news for some of you…in case you didn’t already know, I’m not perfect.  There, I said it.  I’m sorry.  Actually, I’m not.  🙂   It just means I’m human. 

Take time to meditate-you’d be surprised what it can do for your mood.  Sit outside in the warm weather with the sun on your back.  Eat an ice cream cone-just because.  Get a massage-it will help relieve stress.  Call a friend who will l.i.s.t.e.n.  See a mental health professional.  And don’t forget to take your meds if you need them.  They are there to help.