That is supposed to be in my best wrestling announcer voice ever.  Today is Cyber Monday-the web equivalent of  Black Friday.  If you don’t feel like braving the malls then you still have time to shop in the comfort of your jammies.  It is currently 7:00 pm est, so stop complaining that I didn’t tell you earlier.  You still have 5 hours.  A lot of places offer free shipping so there is money to be saved!!!

I have been out of work for about 18 months  now.  I won’t be doing a lot of shopping this year-I consider myself lucky to have food to eat and a warm bed at night.  That being said if you want to support craftspeople and small business owners, which is always a plus in  my book, consider shopping on Etsy.  There are gifts and ideas galore.

For beautiful cards visit my sister Vicki-her email address is  My ever so talented friend Margaret is also a card maker/scarf maker/everything awesome maker.  She has an Etsy site at  And last but certainly not least, for the leather lover in your life, the exceptional Cat Babbie is on Etsy at  I may or may not be the owner of one of her Envelope clutches…in violet.

Think about flowers.  Who doesn’t like flowers?  I have friends who own their own floral shops.  Consider the gift of a beautiful arrangement to brighten the day for someone special.

Remember-there are 26 shopping days to Christmas.

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