Thought I would talk today about fragrance.  What a lovely way to complete your look.  Yes, your look.  Don’t roll your eyes at me.  You might have the studded boots, the leather pants, and the black eyeliner out to your temples but that Love’s Baby Soft doesn’t say “I’m a badass.”  It says “I haven’t gotten past being 16 yet.”

Finding the right perfume(s) can be a difficult task. Fragrances are very personal.  It can be damn near impossible to buy perfume for someone else unless you already know their favorite. 

 Are you looking for a summer scent or a winter scent?  Are you sporty or floral?  Citrus or exotic?  There are all kinds of online perfume quizzes you can take.  An online quiz is fun and it might point you in the direction of the scent that is right for you, but the only way you can be sure to find THE ONE is to try it on your skin.  Calvin Klein makes delicious smelling perfumes.  Calvin Klein perfume, on my skin, smells like cat piss.  Better to not spend the $75.00 before trying a sample spray on your wrist or arm.  I learned the hard way.  Blast you Contradiction.

I have to give kudos to Nordstrom for freely handing out perfume samples.  Don’t try to keep your favorite fragrance stocked by just hoarding samples.  At some point you need to make a big girl purchase and take home the bottle.  This time of year is a great time to invest in a perfume.  Most come in gift boxed sets with at least a 1 oz. perfume and shower gel.  If you are lucky and get the trifeca that includes lotion, all the better.

Personally, I like to change up my perfumes from time to time.  I can get used to one scent and start getting a little heavy handed.  Meaning that my perfume makes an entrance into a room before I do.  That is a rather large don’t.  Also as I mentioned above, you might want to use something different during summer and winter months.  You don’t want to smell like an opium den in July nor do you want to smell like a spring meadow in January… least, I don’t.  I use a more floral based fragrance for about 7-8 months of the year.  I personally like a scent that has more floral notes.  I keep a large bottle of Champs Elysees on my dresser.  The other 4-5 months of the year I’m a big fan of Gucci by Gucci.  Both scents are for women, but the Guerlain scent is a lighter fragrance.  It has notes of mimosa and rose.  The Gucci perfume has a more woody fragrance.  It can be nice to have a signature scent, but don’t paint yourself into a corner.  Try wearing your favorite guys cologne.  You might be surprised that you like the choices available for men more than women.

A few words of advice.  Don’t try all the perfumes on your wrists in one day.  Fragrance overload.  You won’t know what went where.  Pick up a few samples if possible.  Try them out.  If you can’t get samples to take home, then try the fragrance in the store.  Ulta and Sephora both keep sample bottles of fragrance available.  Spritz one on one wrist and try something different on another.  Smell coffee grounds between scents.  It helps diffuse the smell of the perfume.  Alcohol wipes are handy if you try a particularly heinous perfume.  Soap and water does ok, but alcohol wipes can get rid of the offending smell.  At home, don’t leave your perfumes in the sunlight or where heat can affect them.  Keep them in  cool spot if possible.  In warmer weather, the fridge is a nice spot-a spritz can be very refreshing.  Or if that isn’t an option, try your closet.

Just like with makeup, play the field.  Find something you like and if possible, purchase a gift set.  It can help your fragrance last longer if you layer it.  Shower with the shower gel and a spritz of perfume.

Stay gorgeous!