Trip Outfit

For the record-this outfit wasn’t Fashion roadkill.  Top is MSSP (Max Studio Specialty Products-LOVE what it does for my rack!)-found at Dillards.  Yes, I waited for it to go on clearance sale.  It’s a sleeveless tank shirt.  It was $88.00.  I paid $20 and change.  That’s how I roll.  Sweater is Lane Bryant. Boyfriend jeans-Levi’s.  Shoes-Born. 

We’ve all been there.  Your mascara slid so far down your face it’s at your ankles …the mullet…muffin top…I definitely remember the big red Sally Jessy Raphael glasses I sported back in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Bad Tami.  For the record, they were just as bad on me.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of making my first trip to New Jersey and Delaware.  I got to see Jersey hair.  Bad Jersey hair.  On the plus side I had great Jersey Stromboli, but I digress.

We’ve all made mistakes. Ill-fitting clothes, baby blue eyeshadow from lash line to eyebrow, and shoulder pads the NFL wouldn’t allow.  If you’ve had the same look for more than 5 years, it might be time to think about making some changes.  For the faint of heart, I recommend a new lipstick or new glasses.  For those of you brave enough to try it-new hair cut, new hair color, new friend to go shopping with instead of your old standby.  Open a magazine-go shopping in your own closet.  You can never go wrong with clothes that fit you properly. 

I found a great consignment store in PA and lucked into a Talbots jacket and skirt-not a suit-seperates, but look great together.  Also in PA I saw a woman, who I am sure is probably one of the kindest people ever, but she sported an ensemble that made her look like a close relative of Big Bird.  Bleached blonde hair-check.  Yellow chiffon blouse-check.  Tight yellow trousers-check. Tan belt-check. Yellow handbag-check.  Someone should have tranquelized her before she got out the door.  She looked like a Peep with feet.  Don’t match your clothes to your hair color, please.  Don’t be afraid to make a statement!  But ask yourself, do I want to look like a marshmellow chicken?  Ask a neutral third party about your look.  Give them the cone of safety.  Not familiar you say?  The cone of safety allows the person asked a question to answer honestly, without fear of hurting the feelings of the question-er.

My new pic is courtesy of my very sweet Mother.  She took this shot at her house as we prepared to head out of town.  

Have a great week!