The past few months have been quite the circus around my house.  I’ ve been on a mission to take better care of myself-eating better, exercising more, and even the occasional meditation.  This came to a screeching halt in July when I was rear-ended in a car accident.  I was in the hospital for three days with a brain injury and it’s been on like a pot of neck bones ever since.

I say the things above to say-take good care of yourself.  Look at the things you put in your body.  The more junk that goes in means more junk to deal with later.  I’m not advocating a raw, strict, vegan diet-I am a carnivore, but try to eat more healthily.  Do try to drink more water even if you have to mix it with Crystal Lite. Do try to have more veggies and fruits even if you have to dip the apple slices in a little caramel.  Do eat leaner meats.  Have fun with your food.  Try new things, learn new recipes.

Take care of the outside-wear sunscreen every single day.  When I was younger the only thing I wanted was to be dark brown.  I still love the look of being tan, but sure don’t love the look of wrinkles that are quickly finding my address.  Fake that tan, wear your sunscreen and for the love of Pete, don’t put off checking out that weird mole.  If it changes colors, shapes, size or bleeds you need to get yourself to a Dr and in a hurry. 

Wash your face and exfoliate.  Brush your teeth and get them cleaned every six months.  The same plaque that builds on your teeth can affect your heart.

Do a self-breast exam, or, if you are trying to get lucky, ask someone else to do it for you!

Try yoga.  Try meditating.  Try Tai Chi.  Try acupuncture.  Try massage.  Just TRY!  You might find something that will help you get rid of that knot between your shoulders.

Have a glass of red wine-it REALLY is good for you.  My brother-in-law is fighting cancer and his Dr recommended a glass of red wine every day.

Pet your dog.  Pet your cat.  Heck, pet your snake if that’s your thing. Relax.

Have sex.  At least, have safe sex.  It’s fun when it’s with someone else, but if not, have fun alone.

Wear your seatbelt.

Call a friend.

Take care of yourself.