By work it, I mean your wardrobe.  By now the following words should be common sense to most of us.  “If you haven’t worn it in one year, get rid of it.”

I think you can do better than that.  Do a closet and wardrobe overhaul.  You may need to do this twice in one year-summer and winter clothes.  If most of you are like me, you make your wardrobe work hard all year round, but there are things that you won’t wear in the summer and can’t wear in the winter. 

Let us begin:

Think about your current wardrobe.  What pieces do you have that you haven’t worn?  Any particular reason?  Case in point-I bought a great print tunic from Lane Bryant (on clearance) several months ago.  I’m not that tall-5’4″ ish.  The tunic was a bargain, but it just didn’t do anything for me shape wise…or so I thought.  After mulling over it several minutes in the dressing room I decided to take it to my favorite seamstress, have the length and sleeves shortened.  It’s still a tunic, but now it fits ME, not me having to fit it.  I took advantage of a free shipping coupon and bought a pair of red jeans (on clearance).  I will pair this navy top with pink, gray, and red print, with red jeans and black booties-cute outfit for not a lot of money.

Do the same with maxi skirts-make it a short dress (if you can).  Pull that maxi up under your arms, pair with sandals and a cardigan and make it work double duty.  Have a great blazer that needs new life?  Cut the sleeves to elbow length, add suede elbow patches for old school snob appeal, or add some studs on the pockets.  Make it a vest-remove the sleeves completely and add some detail to the lapel.  These ideas can breath new life into a very old, very tired wardrobe.  

I have a print sleeveless top from Target (on clearance-in case you haven’t noticed, these are two of my very favorite words).  It was snug across the hips.  It didn’t fit me.  Took it to ye olde’ seamstress and now it fits ME. $9.99 plus tax for a top that I will probably wear 40 times.  Do the math.  This $10.79 top will cost me roughly $.26 every time I wear it.  Make your clothes work for you.  You’ve worked hard for the money to  make the purchases. 

Great jeans looking a little worn?  Dye them-either a different color or the color they used to be prior to your reign of terror.  If they are too tired for that, consider making them a denim city short.

Think about that cute sundress you wear all summer-make it work a little harder.  Pair with a turtleneck, belt, and tights for fall.  How about bermuda shorts?  Again pair with a great pair of tights and platform loafers-very collegiate chic.  Re-construct!!

Don’t be afraid to go to Goodwill, Salvation Army, yard sales, tag sales, estate sales, and the like.  Don’t walk around the perimeter and decide there is nothing for you-go all in!  I’ve found a spot on the floor more than once and gone thru bins and containers to walk away with a bargain. 

If you’ve done the work, sorted through the piles, and find yourself with some great gently used clothing that you can’t use anymore you still have options.  Check around your area to see if there is someplace that does clothing exchange.  If not, there is always eBay, a yard sale, or if you need the tax write-off, donate it to your local charity of choice.  I like the Women’s Shelter in my area.

Be brave!  Happy hunting.