Fashionista’s…I am soooo embarrassed.  I forgot to mention one extremely crucial element of style-and that is save MONEY while being fabulous.

Case in point-Rewards programs.  They work.  Nordstrom, Dillard, Belk, Ulta, Sephora, and the list goes on and on.  Perfect example today being-I’ve spent enough money at Lane Bryant to earn a $40.00 reward check.  Now, of course that reward check must be spent at Lane Bryant.  I printed a coupon before heading that way (in case I found something I needed 😉  Coupon is $25 off of $75 and up.  I purchased one pair of shoes ($59.99), one pair of boots ($79.99), and two pairs of earrings-buy one, get one half off.  Factor in the fact that the footwear is currently 30% off and I walked out of the store with shoes, boots, and 2 pairs of earrings for a grand total of $59.36 including tax.  That is LESS that the first pair of shoes.  I got the boots and 2 pairs of earrings FREE!!!  Who doesn’t like free?

Make these programs work in your favor, scan the internet for coupons, free shipping, etc.  Don’t pay retail to look fabulous.

And, thanks for letting me rant yesterday.  I had ice cream today.  That and a deal on sexy shoes makes for a much better day.