sorry for the tone of this post as it’s not what I intended this blog to be-it’s just a sucky day. I have felt like I am walking in a cloud of fog, had stupid vertigo, couldn’t find the gd butter at the grocery store-and it hasn’t been moved. It’s in the same gd spot it always is and I can’t type this evening. I’m going back and correcting mistakes. I promise to never, ever, again assume that just because I don’t know/understand what someone is going thru physically or physiologically that it must not be too bad.  You can’t see inside my head but I swear if it were opened up right this second you would find fricking mush.  It’s no wonder that so many TBI patients committ suicide.  I’m not suicidal-just to clear that up-it just blows and you don’t know when you’ll be “normal” again and you don’t see bandages so you must be better, right? And who can’t find the butter?  It’s cold, it’s got to be refrigerated, it’s dairy-it would lead one to believe that it would be in the COLD section…and it was. I just looked past it four or five times.  Maybe this is the universes’ way of telling me that WalMart really is the devil.  Ok, here is the sorry part.  Sorry for being an ill-ass and complaining. I know, there are starving people in the world. It’s just been a sucky day.